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Frequently Asked Questions about visiting and getting the most out of the Martinborough Fair

When is the next Martinborough Fair?

The 2020 Martinborough Fair will be held on the 1st of February and the 7th of March. 

It is always the first Saturday of February and the first Saturday of March each year.

The Fair officially starts at 8:00 am and runs through to 4:00 pm.

Is there an entry fee?

There is no fee to visit/shop at the Martinborough Fair. 

There may be a small fee for Parking in some places around Martinborough but this is set by independent groups who look after parking.

Are there any cash-out facilities

There are two ATM’s in Martinborough situated on Kitchener Street in close proximity. 

Note: there is often a queue for both machines and they have been known to run out on Fair day so it is advisable to bring cash with you. 

A number of stallholders do have mobile eft-pos available as well.

This year we will have the ANZ ATM module on site.  It houses four ATMs.

The unit wil be set up outside the Fire Station on Texas Street East (Opposite the playground/Town Hall/Waihenga center)

Can we get food and drinks at the Fair?

There are a number of Food & Drink outlets around the Fair. 

There are approximately 40 Food stalls as part of the Fair and then there are a number of popular Café’s that are one of the reasons Martinborough is such a popular destination at the weekend.

Where are the toilets?

There are public toilets located at the Playground on the Eastern side of the Square, opposite the Fire Station. 

In addition there are a number of Port-a-loo’s located at the outside end of each street that the Fair is on. 

Two large truck/trailer units housing toilets can also be found near the old Town Hall, opposite the Fire Station. 

See the map here for more details.

How do I get to the Martinborough Fair

There are several ways of getting to Martinborough.  The most direct way if travelling from Wellington via the Rimutaka Hill is via SH53 which goes from Featherston at the foot of the Rimutaka Hill Road through to Martinborough.

As this is the most direct route it can also be very busy so an alternate route which may take 20 minutes longer but will avoid the usual traffic build up can be found here

Travelling from Greytown you can join either of the above routes as seen here

If you are coming from further north of Carterton the best route is via Ponatahi Road

You should be prepared to spend some time in a queue as there are regularly up to 30,000 people attending the Fair each day.

Can I bring my dog/s to the Fair?

We would appreciate it if you leave your dog(s) at home. 

With up to 30,000 people attending the Fair there is not much room for dogs on leashes in amongst all those human legs. 

Temperatures in Martinborough can often be in the high 20’s if not low 30’s at the Fair being in summer, and the majority of stalls are on the road so it can’t be very nice for your pet pooch walking on hot asphalt with no water readily available

What Parking is available at the Fair

Parking is provided by a number of independent organisations primarily as fund-raisers for their group. 

They are well signposted and are situated on both sides of SH53 as you approach Martinborough from Featherston/Greytown. 

Parking is also available on the many side streets around Martinborough, there are no restrictions on the time you are parked on the streets.

What public transport is available for getting to and from the Fair?

For bus timetables follow this link to see details of the 200 Bus Service which starts in Masterton and comes to Martinborough via Carterton, Greytown and the Featherston Railway Station.

Private bus companies also run special services to the Fair from around the country.