The District Council keeps a very close eye on food preparation and provision at the Fair.
If you are selling ANY food, whether you are preparing it yourself in some way, or simply on-selling packaged human consumable food, you MUST have been issued a licence to do so for this event specifically.

Previous licences or permissions for other events are not considered valid and you risk being closed down on the day if you do not comply.

Food stall providing food that can be consumed at the Fair should register under the Food/Drink (consumable on site) Category, other foodstuffs like honey, water, olive oil or packaged tea/coffe etc, should choose Food/Drink (Other).

On-site food stalls will conrtibute towards health and safety costs, as well as the SWDC licensing fees. ($60)

Packaged product will only incur the licensing fee ($20)

The stall application form will include a section where you can provide all the information required to applying for a SWDC food stall license. If the applicant is a registered food business, they will need to provide a scanned copy of their current registration certificate.

We will forward the application information to the Council and pay any fees, and they will contact the applicant if there are any questions.

The Council will evaluate your application and then inform the Convener of their decision, at which point, we will be able to finalise your stall allocation.