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The District Council keeps a very close eye on food preparation and provision at the Fair.

If you are preparing and/or selling food you MUST have been issued a licence to do so for this event specifically.

Previous licences or permissions for other events are not considered valid and you risk being closed down on the day if you do not comply.

The current South Wairarapa District Council Application to run a Food Stall must be downloaded and filled in completely. 

This includes providing all information requested, including required site drawings and all food preparation methods and sanitation provisions.

All this information MUST be provided to the Martinborough Fair Convener before your site can begin the approval process.

The Convener will then forward your application to council for approval.   The Council will then evaluate the application and either approve and bill separately or liaise with the applicant directly.

The Council will then inform the Convener of their decision and we will be able to proceed with your stall allocation.