While it was named the 'Martinborough Fair' at inception some 35 years ago, The martinborough Fair does not fall under the definitions of Community Fair, or an Event under the Framework.

The Martinborough Fair is a collection of retail stalls which sell everything from craft and farm produce to jewelery and wind-chimes - with a bit of face-painting and back massage thrown in. We usually try to include buskers and some other forms of street entertainment, and occasionally an amusement arcade but essentially the Martinborough Fair is an outdoor Market under the COVID Framework and is subject to the following rules:

If we are forced to cancel one or both of the market days as a result of COVID levels, we will postpone as far as possible and keep our front page updated as dates and times become available.  It is an uncertain time, and we will respond as quickly at possible to the changing requirements as set out for us by the Government and any other jurisdictional stakeholders as they become apparent. 

If it is not possible to run the Martinborough Fair at all, then we will admit defeat and refund all stallholders who require it.  We may need to retain a small administration fee as there may be costs we are not able to recover or reclaim.  This depends on suppliers and we will know more when/if the situation arises.

General guide - don't come to the Fair if you're experiencing Covid19 symptoms

Stallholders can claim a refund for any fair days they are unable to run their stall on due to their own COVID 19 symptoms or difficulties directly resulting from the application of COVID rules..

Stalls are required to display the Martinborough Fair QR tracking code and supply hand sanitiser.

Stallholders are expected to apprise themselves of the Covid Framework guidelines that relate to their business and apply appropriate protection measures. Martinborough Fair cannot advise what level of worker protection measures and/or PPE is required and will not be insisting on vaccinations.

Close proximity businesses may need to alter customer interaction at their stalls if required by the COVID protection framework.