There are 7 power supply boxes around the Fair for use by stallholders who have applied for power.

It is the responsibility of each power user to ensure all cables and appliances are safe and have been tested and tagged.

All cables that are exposed to foot traffic must also be protected mechanically. Strips of gaffer tape wil not be adequate.  Use carpet strips or purpose made cable covers that will withstand 50,000 feet standing on them and being kicked and pummeled by feet and wheels all day.

Oxford street and Cambridge Road

These two supply boxes are mounted on power poles.   You will need a small ladder to reach these outlets.

Leads run from these boxes must be protected by RCD units. Any cables exposed to foot traffic must also be physically protected. Gaffer tape is not enough. Lengths of carpet or purpose built cable covers must be used.

Mitre 10 Car park

Powered sites in the Mitre 10 car park can run leads in through the Mitre 10 roller doorway or from Pain and Kershaw. Use RCD protection for these supplies.

Memorial Square (under the trees)

Four power boxes are mounted on poles around the South-Western sides of the square. One opposite the Martinborough Hotel, one opposite the Mitre 10 car park, and two are mounted over the road from the Jellicoe Stree entrance. 

All these four power box outlets are already protected by RCD units back at the main supply panel. Users must still ensure all cables and equipment connected to these boxes are certified safe. 

Memorial square atrium

The main power distribution box in the middle of the square will have a few spare outlets for use by stallholders who have applied and paid. They are all protected by RCDs.