We insist on payment before processing because we have found it time-consuming chasing people for payment otherwise.

This way, if you don't pay, your application will not be considered and so we can be confident that stallholders we have allocated sites to have paid.

We are generally able to accommodate most applicants, so it will be unusual for your application to be turned down.

It will only be on grounds such as unsuitable product lines, incompatible site requirements (e.g. unusual power or size requirements) or previous misbehaviour, that an application will be declined.

Check the stallholder guidelines for information on site retrictions.  If you satisfy all the criteria, you will probably be welcomed to the Fair.

Once we are approaching capacity, we will advertise the fact on this website and when full, we will still take applications from those who wish to be put on the waiting list.

If we are unable to accommodate you for any reason, your site application fees will be refunded in full.


Notes: Getting your application in as soon as applications open will help in stall allocations.

Returning stallholders who apply and pay in October will be processed during October.  

From the 1st of November on, all PAID applications are processed in a first-come first-served basis.