Why not Martinborough

With the uncertainties the World brings to life in the Wairarapa, no one can be sure what we will be facing in four months time - or four weeks for that matter!

The South Wairarapa District Council has taken a safe and cautious approach to holding any large scale gatherings in Martinborough Town, as they should, and so they have (with great regret) declined our application to hold the Market there next year. 

They are rightly concerned about the risk such a large number of people may present to the town's residents.

Tauherenikau Race Course

The grounds

The Tauherenikau Race course grounds are set on over 200 hectares and the areas we will be allowed to use total more than 60,000 square metres so even if everyone turned up at once, we could still accommodate them all. 

Space and layout

We can double-space the stalls and spread out sections around the grounds so everyone has space to keep safe.

There are areas we think we will be able to maintain as fenced 'CVC Pass-only' spaces, with monitored entrances, so close-proximity businesses can operate confidently without having to deal with passes.

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