There is generally plenty of parking around Martinborough.

On roads

All around Martinborough there are a network of roads that are available for free parking.  Don't be put off by the number of people parking way back on highway 53 coming into the town, drive on through to Martinborough town and turn left or right at Princess street to access the rings of streets that surround the town.  You will find lots of kerbside parking within good walking distance of the town centre where the Fair is held.

In fields

Parking is also provided by a number of independent organisations primarily as fund-raisers for their group.  These are set up in fields around town and are generally advertised by a sign at the gate or entrance.  One is on Princess street North, another on Princess street South, There is also usually a parking field in Cork Street and on Strasbourgh Street.

Disability parking

Cork Street, behind the Waihenga Center and town hall has been set aside for people with mobility challenges to park.

Bus parking

Cork street behind the Pukemanu hotel has a section set aside for tour buses.