Some things to be aware of

The Fair opens to shoppers at 8:00am and closes again at 4:00pm.  

Outside those times, stall-holders are setting up/breaking down their stalls and the roads are all open.

This means that pedestrians must keep to footpaths outside of Fair operating times as there is a very real danger from manouvering cars, vans and trailers.

Stalls are also in a state of disarray and equipment possibly unsafe for general public to be around.

Don't be surprised if Fair Marshalls (white coats and/or Hi-Vis vests and Rotary-branded hats) ask you to move away or move on from some developing situation.

During the Fair operating hours, the roads are closed and so there will be no traffic within the designated Fairground. Stallholders are not allowed to move vehicles or dismantle stalls during those times for visitor safety.


Two Cash Machines / ATM’s are located in close proximity in Kitchener Street opposite the Wine Centre.

Four more mobile ATMs will usually be set up onTexas Street next to the Fire station.

Although few of our stallholders will have EFTPOS facilities, it would be wise to bring plenty of cash as the two ATM’s onKitchener Street have been known to run out on Fair Day in past years

Both Featherston and Greytown also have ATM’s available to get cash on the way to the Fair.


Extensive Parking is available in Princess Street for a small fee and there are usually a number of vacant lots and fields set up for parking too.

Parking on roadsides around the the town must not obstruct property entrances but there are a lot of streets encircling the town - don't be alarmed or put off by the sight of cars parked back up State Highway 53 - drive on in and look around the outskirts of the town.

The Square and all streets radiating out to one block from it are closed to all traffic from 8am. to 4pm.

Parking for BUSES ONLY is in Cork Street, approached via Princess and Strasbourg Streets. 

Disability parking is available behind the Town Hall.

Retail Shops

Most Martinborough retail shops, restaurants, cafes, and bars, the Wine Centre and vineyards are open during the Fairs. Visitors - please make sure you visit them too.  Stallholders - These shop-owners are our hosts for the day, please respect them and try to work in with them to make it a successful day for all.

Lost childLost & Found

The Rotary information desk and Control Centre for the fair is located in the central atrium of the town Square.

You can access a map of the Martinbrough Fair layout and facilities here.


Please leave your dog at home.

The weather in Martinborough can be stinking hot on Fair Day.  Couple that with the large crowds and you can see why it's just not  the place for your faithful pup, (even on a leash).

We get more than 25,000 visitors of all ages to the Fair, from the very young to the fairly old.

While it is nice for you to have your beautiful pet with you, please - this is not the place to do it.


hammockWhere to stay in Martinborough

Martinborough has a large number of high quality accommodations available. The Martinborough iSite has up to date details.

Most insist in a 2-night minimum during key events although you can still find occasional one-night stays available if you look around and are prepared to travel 10-15 minutes.

There is also a good quality caravan park offering all the usual facilities you would expect.