Frequently asked questions about running a stall at the martinborough Fair

2 months ago
What does it cost to have a stall at the Fair?

Full size stall sites are nominally 6 metres x 3 metres and cost $370. 

There are a small number of half-size sites (3x3) which cost $220.  We will not be splitting full sites to make half sites - once we run out of small sites, applicants will need to decide if they want to pay for a full site or withdraw.

These fees cover both Fair days as all applicants are expected to commit to both fairs.

If a stallholder decides not to come to one fair or the other, they should let us know and we will try to fill the spare slot, and if we can, we will refund the day -  but no guarantees.

2 months ago
Covid 19

If we are forced to cancel one or both of the fairs as a result of COVID levels, we will endeavour to run the Fair in the first week of April.  If that is not possible, then we will admit defeat and refund all stallholders who require it.  We may need to retain a small administration fee as there may be costs we are not able to recover or reclaim.  This depends on suppliers and we will know more when/if the situation arises.

Government health and wellbeing guidelines can be acessed here

General guide - don't come to the Fair if you're experiencing Covid19 symptoms

Stallholders can claim a refund for any fair days they are unable to run their stall on due to their own COVID 19 symptoms.

Stalls are required to display the Martinborough Fair QR tracking code and supply hand sanitiser.

2 months ago
Can I share a stall site?

Stall sites may be shared, but not sub-let.

The site cost may be shared, but for no more than a resonable share of the established site fee.

All products intended to be on sale are to be listed on the application form, and the fact that the stall is to be shared noted in comments, but one person will take responsibility for application, payment and dealing with fair managementregarding all aspects of the stall site and its use.

4 months ago
When do stall applications open

Stall applications open on the 1st of October

Getting your application in as soon after that as possible will help in stall allocations.

Returning stallholders who apply and pay in October will be processed during October.  

From the 1st of November on, all PAID applications are processed in a first-come first-served basis.

We insist on payment before processing because we have found it time-consuming chasing people for payment otherwise.

This way, if you don't pay, your application will not be considered and so we can be confident that stallholders we have allocated sites to have paid.


4 months ago
Why do I have to pay on application?

We insist on payment before processing because we have found it time-consuming chasing people for payment otherwise.

This way, if you don't pay, your application will not be considered and so we can be confident that stallholders we have allocated sites to have paid.

We are generally able to accommodate most applicants, so it will be unusual for your application to be turned down.

It will only be on grounds such as unsuitable product lines, incompatible site requirements (e.g. unusual power or size requirements) or previous misbehaviour, that an application will be declined.

Check the stallholder guidelines for information on site retrictions.  If you satisfy all the criteria, you will probably be welcomed to the Fair.

Once we are approaching capacity, we will advertise the fact on this website and when full, we will still take applications from those who wish to be put on the waiting list.

If we are unable to accommodate you for any reason, your site application fees will be refunded in full.


Notes: Getting your application in as soon as applications open will help in stall allocations.

Returning stallholders who apply and pay in October will be processed during October.  

From the 1st of November on, all PAID applications are processed in a first-come first-served basis.


10 months ago
If I arrive on Friday evening where can I stay in the vicinity of Martinborough?

Some stallholders camp in their caravan on the road around the square somewhere near their stall site on Friday night so they can make an early start to setting up. (Please don't camp in the grassed area of the square)

Booking of more formal accommodation needs to be arranged well ahead due to the popularity of the Fair.  Many late-comers find they can only find accommodation as far away as the Hutt Valley or Masterton.

10 months ago
When should I set up my stall

Our traffic management plan as filed with Transit NZ calls for road closures between the hours of 8am and 4pm on Saturday, and the District Council allows us to use public reserve areas during the same times.

We are allowed some setup/tear-down time, so cars may use the roads while sites are being set up, typically from about 4am to 7:30am for set-up, and tear-down time from 4pm to around 5pm.

Roads around Martinbourough Square are open and may not be obstructed outside those times.

Once set up, the Fair runs from 8:00 am – 4:00 pm officially but we often have people “shopping” from 7:00 am onwards. 

Many stallholders start setting up in the small hours of the morning with the centre of Martinborough buzzing by 5:00 am. 

Your car/van/truck needs to be outside the road closure area by 7:30am so it's probably a good idea to aim at arriving in Martinborough no later than 6:00am to unload, get the car parked somewhere away from the stall areas and set up your stall ready for a busy day.

10 months ago
Powered sites

There are 7 power supply boxes around the Fair for use by stallholders who have applied for power.

It is the responsibility of each power user to ensure all cables and appliances are safe and have been tested and tagged.

All cables that are exposed to foot traffic must also be protected mechanically. Strips of gaffer tape wil not be adequate.  Use carpet strips or purpose made cable covers that will withstand 50,000 feet standing on them and being kicked and pummeled by feet and wheels all day.

Oxford street and Cambridge Road

These two supply boxes are mounted on power poles.   You will need a small ladder to reach these outlets.

Leads run from these boxes must be protected by RCD units. Any cables exposed to foot traffic must also be physically protected. Gaffer tape is not enough. Lengths of carpet or purpose built cable covers must be used.

Mitre 10 Car park

Powered sites in the Mitre 10 car park can run leads in through the Mitre 10 roller doorway or from Pain and Kershaw. Use RCD protection for these supplies.

Memorial Square (under the trees)

Four power boxes are mounted on poles around the South-Western sides of the square. One opposite the Martinborough Hotel, one opposite the Mitre 10 car park, and two are mounted over the road from the Jellicoe Stree entrance. 

All these four power box outlets are already protected by RCD units back at the main supply panel. Users must still ensure all cables and equipment connected to these boxes are certified safe. 

Memorial square atrium

The main power distribution box in the middle of the square will have a few spare outlets for use by stallholders who have applied and paid. They are all protected by RCDs.


10 months ago
Cash exchange

Cash window

Stallholders can get change and rationalize cash holding at the cash exchange service that is run out of the Martinborough Fire Station.  The cash window will be open at the front of the building.

1 years ago
I no longer have access to the account email address

If you have changed your email address since last year - don't worry, just log in to your account and change it in your profile.

If you have ALSO forgotten your password and/or account UserName - you will need to contact us and we can tell you your username and reset the email address for you so you can reset the password.

PLEASE don't just create a new account - it makes extra work for our volunteer convener and it puts your application in the 'New applicant' category with no prior claims on any sites. 

Only returning stallholders are processed in the first month, all others must wait until our returning stallholders have had their sites allocated. This means that your previous site can be allocated to someone else and you won't hear about your success or not until after the 15th.

If there's no room left by then, your application will be declined.

1 years ago
Can I skip a year and yet retain the stall site I love

If you just can't make it one year, but fully intend to be back, let us know, and we can make sure the stallholder your site is allocated to knows it is a temporary placement.

1 years ago
Can I apply for one Fair day?

The Martinborough Fair operates over two days, but we have separated the days by one month.

This has the advantage of offering our stallholders and visitors a better chance of a successful day's business each year as it would be very unusual for both days to suffer from adverse weather or other limiting conditions.

As a result, we expect stallholders to commit to both Fair days on application.

If a you are unable to make it on one or other of the scheduled days, you still apply and pay for both, but let us know in your application what your plans are.

It is not always easy to fill a single fair day, but we will try to get a replacement on your behalf and if we are successful, can refund one day's site fees less an administration fee.

1 years ago
How do I apply for a stall – this is my first time?

1) you must open a user account on this website to be a stall-holder, this can be done at any time of the year.

If you have not yet opened an account, locate the button entitled “Sign up”, click on that and follow the prompts.  The information you provide here is used to pre-populate your application form each year.  (We hope you'll keep coming back!), so - the more details you provide at this stage, the easier the application process will be for you.
After clicking on the “Submit” button at the bottom you should receive an email with an activation link that you will need to click to activate your new StallHolder account.

IMPORTANT! Make sure you read the Terms and Conditions

2) You must APPLY for a stall site, the Stall Applications menu item will not appear on the web-site until the 1st October so once the 1st October has arrived, SIGN IN using the details you set up when you registered and select Stall Application Form from the main menu.  You can then APPLY for your site.

Once you have applied for your site, please arrange for the total calculated fees to be paid into the bank account you will be given in your application acknowledgement email.  

NOTE: We don't start processing applications until payment has been received, so the sooner you get your payment in, the sooner we can evaluate your proposal.

1 years ago
How do I apply for a stall – I was a stall holder previously.

Previous stallholders will have registered on this site already and have an account with a username and a password.  Your account will be linked to an email address.

If you have NOT yet registered on this site, you wil need to do so using the Register button.  If you are told that the email address is already in use, that means you do already have an account, and you need to ry to remember your user name/password.

If you can't remember them read the forgotten credentials FAQ about it first.

So, assuming you have registered your account:

You simply Log in to our web-site using the Log In button and select the 'Stall Application' menu item to APPLY for your stall for the current year.  The first thing you will need to do is remember what your login details are.

If you can’t remember your username or your password, you can request a user name reminder or reset your password using the links at the bottom of the login page (as long as you still have access to your original email address).  If you have forgotten the email address you used or no longer have access to it, contact our data administrator to sort it out for you.

Once you have all that sorted it is a matter of waiting until the 1st October, logging in to the web-site and selecting Stall Application form from the menu.  Once you have submitted your application, remember to pay your stall fee to the bank account number indicated on your application acknowledgement email.

When we receive your payment, we can evaluate your proposal and get back to you.

1 years ago
Food Stall licensing

The District Council keeps a very close eye on food preparation and provision at the Fair.
If you are selling ANY food, whether you are preparing it yourself in some way, or simply on-selling packaged human consumable food, you MUST have been issued a licence to do so for this event specifically.

Previous licences or permissions for other events are not considered valid and you risk being closed down on the day if you do not comply.

Food stall providing food that can be consumed at the Fair should register under the Food/Drink (consumable on site) Category, other foodstuffs like honey, water, olive oil or packaged tea/coffe etc, should choose Food/Drink (Other).

On-site food stalls will conrtibute towards health and safety costs, as well as the SWDC licensing fees. ($60)

Packaged product will only incur the licensing fee ($20)

The stall application form will include a section where you can provide all the information required to applying for a SWDC food stall license. If the applicant is a registered food business, they will need to provide a scanned copy of their current registration certificate.

We will forward the application information to the Council and pay any fees, and they will contact the applicant if there are any questions.

The Council will evaluate your application and then inform the Convener of their decision, at which point, we will be able to finalise your stall allocation.


1 years ago
When do I have to apply and pay by

Applications open 1st October and we allocate returning stallholders during that month.

After October, all other applicatins are processed and will be allocated any sites not yet claimed by returning stallholders.

If you want to secure your site from last year, you ned to have your application in and paid before the end of October.

If you don't get your application in before the end of october - don't be surprised if your site is given to somebody else - and they will have first dibs the following year.

1 years ago
Can you please confirm if there are spaces left in/at ....

Returning stallholders' paid applications are processed first during October, with the expectation that they can return to their previous sites or be transferred if possible. 

At the end of October, all paid applications are then processed and any remaining sites allocated on a first come basis.

For those reasons, we can not know what sites are likely to be available until after November 1st.

We do try to place applicants according to their expressed preferences, but reserve the right to place stalls at our discretion.

1 years ago
Is electricity available for stalls?

Yes, there are a limited number of stalls where electricity can be provided at a fee over and above the fee for the stall site.

Extension cords

All extension cords are the responsibility of the stallholder and must be adequately protected where crossing public areas. All electrical equipment used on your stall must be tested and tagged by an authorised tester.


Generators will only be allowed under special circumstances and with prior written approval.  If circumstances are deemed to warrant the use of a generator it will be required to meet stringent noise and emission standards and must be approved by Fair management BEFORE use.

2 yearss ago
Whoops, I can't make it - can I get a refund

Refunds will be made at the discretion of the Convener based on the reason you are unable to make it to one or both of the Fair Days.  If the Convener is advised more than two weeks prior to the February Fair date, a refund is possible, although 25% of the claimed amount may be retained as an Administration fee.

No refunds will be given due to inclement weather or any other circumstances beyond our control.

2 yearss ago
Forgotten username/password


If you have forgoten your username, you can retrieve it by clicking on the log-in button and choosing Forgot your UserName? from the links at the bottom of the login page

As long as you can remember - and still have access to - the email address you used to create the account, your username will be sent there.



If you have forgotteen your password, it's a similar routine.  Click on log in and choose 'Forgot your Password?'

Again, so long as you have the original email address, a password reset link will be sent to that address so you can reset the pasword.  You can reset it to the same as before, up to 5 times, then you must choose a new one.



As you will probably guess, if you forget both username and password, you can still fix it - you just need to get your username, then use that to reset your password.


Email address

If you no longer have access to the email address you set up the account with, then you will need to contact the data administrator with proof of ownership, to have the email address changed.