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Most New Zealand parents enjoy getting about with their little one in the pram.

Especially on cooler days when it feels great to get out in the crisp, fresh air! But do you find yourself constantly picking your child’s blankets up off the ground when they inevitably kick them off? Lost a shoe or socks?

Enter; the Fantail's Nest "2 in 1" Universal Pram Sack

This snuggly pram sack was made with NZ weather conditions and family lifestyles in mind.

The pram sack features beautiful, often limited edition prints, that are sourced from artists around the world, and is very practical.

The 2n1 Pram Nest will keep your 3-month- to 3-year-old safe and warm during those outdoor adventures. It is made from all natural fibres, using New Zealand-made wool and cotton.

A Pram Nest (or Sack) is like a sleeping bag for your pram, that zips up and allows easy access in and out. Machine washable and versatile, the Pram Nest also converts into a sleep sack or snuggle sack for your older child in the home once it's too small for them in the pram.

Too Hot? that's ok, the Pram Nest converts to a Liner during the warmer weather as well!

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With ONLY 5, 100% natural ingredients, Pure and Simple is safe for the most sensitive skins.  Pure and Simple is designed to meet All your skins needs.

Active NZ Manuka Honey;

- vitamin and mineral rich, to nourish and feed your skin.

- naturally anti biotic, anti septic & anti fungal, Manuka Honey heals life's little  mishaps (burns, cuts, grazes, open wounds) while protecting & strengthening our skins natural immunity. (Ideal in these times of frequent washing and sanitising).

-   naturally anti-inflammatory Pure & Simple will sooth & calm burning, stinging or itching. (eczema, psoriasis,  dermatitis, sunburn/windburn, chaffing and rashes)

- Manuka Honey is a natural humectant, attracts water to the top layer of the skin to keep skin hydrated.

Sweet Almond Oil;  

-  emollient properties to moisturise, hydrate  & soften, leaving skin softer, silkier & smoother

- high in magnesium, to create skin elasticity & flexibility

Organic Jojoba Oil; 

- the closest plant oil to sebum, our skin natural oil, Jojoba is simply the worlds best moisturiser

- rich in natural vitamin E

-  hypoallergenic, well tolerated by most skins

- humectant

Cold Pressed Rice Bran Extract;

- high in antioxidants to protect skin from everyday exposure to pollutants and other toxins

- improves microcirculation to decongest  pores and aid skin repair & promote cellular restructuring.

- rich in vitamin E

Natural Beeswax

- restores skins natural protective barrier, ideal for hard working hands, to prevent cracks and splits.

- natural exfoliator, gently removes dead skin cells





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