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Bees Ease

When it Hurts, this Works

100% Natural: 100% New Zealand Made.

Bees Ease is a unique formulation. Containing 3 key Essential Oils.

All oils used in this product are certified, to ensure they are of the highest quality, to provide maximum benefit and relief.

Black Pepper Oil (Piper Nigrum); with an almost identical molecular structure as morphia, black pepper Oil is a powerful natural pain killer, muscle relaxant & antispasmodic (good for cramp). Let’s be honest, when we are in pain our first concern is to GET RID OF IT, but when we are in pain our muscles contract and tighten, putting extra pressure on an already inflamed area. Black Pepper Oil will ease the pain and relax the muscular tension, preventing muscular spasms (cramp)

German Chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla); Natures finest anti-inflammatory, German Chamomile breaks down excess acids and fluids that accumulate around inflamed joints, injuries or over taxed muscles. German Chamomile reduces inflammation, swelling and stiffness.

Rosemary Oil (Rosmarinus officinalis); stimulates circulation to flush out accumulated toxins but more important, bring in extra oxygen. More oxygen the faster the healing and better performance from your muscles supporting the area.

Bees Ease also contain 2 specifically chosen carrier oils.

Sweet Almond Oil ( Prunus) amygdalus dulcis); high in magnesium, essential for healthy muscle function, stimulates the body’s production of synovial fluid, which lubricates and cushion your joints.

Cold Pressed Rice Bran Extract High in naturally produced vitamin E (natures, finest healer). Rich in anti-oxidants to repair and the cellular level.

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