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Duzz-All Beeswax  

100% Natural, 100% New Zealand Made.

Restore, Moisture, Condition & Waterproof  

Leather, Vinyl and Timber.

Incredibly versatile, Duzz-All Beeswax can be used on shoes, boots, belts, bags & wallets, leather or vinyl jackets, leather lounges or car interiors. Duzz-All Beeswax is a 100% grease free formula, it will not stain or mark you're clothing or attract the dust.

Brilliant on saddles, Duzz-all Beeswax moisturises, conditions and waterproofs not only the leather but the stitching as well, (to prevent the stitching from rotting or the dye from bleeding out of your saddle). Use on bridles, breast plates or martingales (prevents the sweat from perishing the elastic). Safe on leather reins, (won’t go slimy or greasy in your hands). Ideal for waterproofing covers, canvas or synthetic.

Fantastic on timber, use Duzz-All beeswax to restore, maintain and waterproof dinning tables, coffee tables, book cases, entertainment units, china cabinets, hutch dressers, antique furniture, timber doors & window sills, outdoor timber settings (if mould or mildew are present, spray first to kill spores) Food grade safe so perfect for chopping boards, butcher’s blocks, turned bowls or bench tops.

But wait; that’s not all!!

Timber sides & vinyl covers on spa pools or hot tubs, soft tops and tonneau covers, re-waterproof Driza-Bone or oil skin jackets and coats, canopies, seating and consoles on the boat. Duzz-All Beeswax can be used as alternative to a cut and polish on fiberglass hulls. Amazing on aluminium joinery to prevent oxidisation and mould.

If you have yet another use for Duzz-All Beeswax


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Available in 2 sizes; 1kg Bucket or 150 grm tin.


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