Gardening products

We're 3 sisters who love to recycle, re-love re-invent and re-purpose items for sale.

Hand made, recycled and upcycled aprons, bags, wooden trays, wooden bunting, pottery, wine racks.


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Timber/Stained Glass Garden Art 

Handmade Timber/Stained Glass Garden Art made by husband and wife team James and Maria Heslop in their Waikato Workshop.


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Genie in a Jar is a wish come true for dry skin!

100% natural skincare made in New Zealand. 

It repairs cracked heels and hard-working hands. 

It is beneficial for use on eczema, psoriasis, and dermatitis. Helpful too for acne. 

The combination of natural ingredients cleans, exfoliates, moisturizers, and protects. 

You can use it from head to toe. You can even use it in your hair.

It prevents foot odor and athletes' feet.

Removes bad smells from hands too, like garlic, onions, and even fishbait.

Cooling and soothing on red inflamed itchy skin. Cooling too on sunburn and itchy bites.
What's more, it works well as an insect repellant. Smells nice and nontoxic!

It's easy to use. Just rub it on and rinse it off!!

Leaves an awesome waterproof barrier on your hands,

It's not sticky or greasy. It won't come off on your clothes or bed linen. 

Widely used by farmers, tradesmen, gardeners, nurses, hairdressers, mechanics, fishermen, and mums.

See my website for more information on ingredients and customer testimonials.

Visit my site to try the magic for yourself. I show you on your hands how it works. You can see and feel the difference after just one treatment.


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The Perfect Storage Belt for Gardeners!

This is the perfect gardeners storage/garden belt that will hold anything from a pair of pruners, a folding saw, a trowel, a long pair of loppers and even your phone. The pouch has four deep pockets that are our unique design for all the popular kiwi gardening tools. No more loosing tools and forgetting where you left them in the garden.

These garden belts are used by many nurseries and professional gardeners both here in New Zealand and overseas.

Our garden belts have also been a very popular item by our customers at past fairs. Buy online or otherwise come and see us at the Fair April 2022 and try one for yourself!


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