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Lightweight, durable & reusable carry bag to help you gather your groceries, fruit and veg without plastic bags! Casual beach bag or just a versatile bag that has many uses! 
A twist on the traditional string carry bag with a cotton canvas base to stop items falling through the mesh and offer privacy. 
100% plastic free! 
Strong long handle. 
Environment-friendly. Biodegradable. 


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This bag is extremely versatile. Great little investment.

Sturdy cotton canvas grocery bag with 6 inner organisation pockets.

Great for the farmer's market! Store fruit separately in spacious deep pockets. 

Dance students can keep their ballet shoes, hair products, change of clothes. No crazy search for that hair tie!

Or for a picnic bag...wine bottle, bread stick...fruit....chopping board in the centre.

Made with 300 GSM cotton canvas.


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Our elephant bag is a fun bag that is perfect for beach days, the markets, Saturday sport or just to take on a busy day!

Natural cotton canvas tote bag with the handles that follow the graceful curve of the elephant trunk.

High quality natural canvas.


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Why are cats bad storytellers? – Because they only have one tale.

Cotton tote bag. 

Playful cat printed on one side with a long tail that curves to be a handle.

Purrrrrfect for any occasion!


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