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we're Rachel and Bruce of Good Wool Hunting! I'm a dyer, weaver, knitter and crocheter. Bruce is a wanna-be knitter, but hasn't quite mastered it yet.

Our purpose is to bring quality, international yarn to New Zealanders, at affordable prices. At the moment we are an online-only store, however we are taking steps to open a physical shop in Greytown later this year.

I do my small-batch, yarn dyeing in our solar-powered dye shed in Greytown, while Bruce does his beer brewing next door. I mainly love to use plant matter destined for the compost, including onion skins and avocado pits and skins. I also have a thing for self-striping sock yarn, and hand-dye gobstopper balls, using acid dyes. When not dyeing yarn, I also enjoy producing knitters balm. We grow calendula and lavender in our garden, which I harvest and dry to produce knitters hand balm. I also make project bags to store your WIPS (works in progress) in. "Greytown Fibre Co." are the items that we produce in-house. When I'm not doing all of the above, I work as a librarian in a small primary school.

Bruce, who has more of a finance/accounting brain, has come along for the ride and supports all that I do.

If you would like to follow us on Instagram and Facebook, we can be found here on IG. We are on Facebook here. Please follow us, because we advertise special promotions there.

Greytown Fibre Co. is on Instagram here. On the Greytown Fibre Co. IG page you can see all the yarn dyeing (including natural yarn dyeing) that I do!

You can visit our online store to see the huge range of yarns, accessories and tools that we currently have in stock.

We look forward to seeing you at the Martinborough Fair!

Thanks for taking the time to find out about us. Please come and say hello.

Best wishes,

Rachel & Bruce

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This 100% Raw Goats Milk bar has Manuka Oil added to create a rich caramel colour with the sweetness of honey and softness and luxurious creaminess of fresh goats milk and healing properties of Manuka Oil.

Gentle enough for babies skin, with no added scents or colour this beautiful soap is perfect for the whole family. The combination of Milk and Honey gives the skin a radiant glow with the healing and cleansing properties of both these ingredients.

The New Zealand bush honey comes from our farm so its golden and sweet and unprocessed which ensures all the goodness and vitamins goes straight into the soap. 100% New Zealand Manuka Oil is added which provides nourishment to the skin. 

Promoting new cell growth and a rejuvenation of younger skin.  An amazing bar to reduce acne and skin irritations like Eczema, dermatitis, dry itchy skin. It will provide relief and restore moisture.


Ingredients; Fresh Raw Goats Milk 30%,Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Sunflower Oil, Shea butter, New Zealand Manuka Oil, New Zealand Honey, Kawakawa,  Sodium Hydroxide (lye)

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The Palliser Ridge team are excited to be joining as Martinborough Fair stall-holders for 2022!

Based just 20 minutes South of where the fair takes place, this Sheep and Beef station is all about diversifying into New Zealand Grown and Made homewares, fashion & craft goods.
As the 2019 Greater Wellington Supreme winners of the Ballance Farm Environment awards, Palliser Ridge has a large focus on sustainability, farming regeneratively and working with nature rather than against it.
The farm itself, and all of it's products are certified NZ Grown, NZ Made and Land to Market verified; giving you peace of mind that your supporting a business that's doing the right thing.

In August 2020 Hyundai Country Calendar came to visit, you may have seen the beautiful wool products on the episode here.
The luxury lambswool blankets will be just part of what's on offer at the stall this year; come and feel for yourself the difference that traceable prcoesses can make and add a little luxury to your home.

Click through our gallery for a peek at what will be coming with us, and be sure to come down and have a yarn with Lisa and the team.
Follow us on Facebook, Instgram and YouTube to keep up to date with all things Palliser Ridge, or shop online via our store.

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